August 10-12, 2018 | New York City

Breaking in as a Screenwriter from Outside Hollywood

When screenwriters ask an industry insider for advice, the most common response writers hear is, “Move to L.A.” But Jeanne Veillette Bowerman says, “Not so fast.” Jeanne has built a strong network for herself right from her country home in New York State. When you live far from L.A., networking is crucial. Learn the enigma surrounding networking—and find out how to create a strong community of support. Traveling to networking events like pitchfests requires both time and money. Jeanne gives tips on how to get the best bang for your buck at a pitching event and turn a five-minute pitch meeting into a relationship that lasts years. But before you pack your bags, learn the secrets to preparing for a successful trip to L.A. and how to continue building those relationships after you’re back home. But if you’re determined to move to L.A., she’ll share advice on what to do to prepare before you call that moving van.