August 10-12, 2018 | New York City

Meet the Octavia Project, WD’s Inaugural Charity Partner

The Octavia Project is Writer’s Digest’s inaugural charity partner for our 2018 Annual Conference!

Like our conference, the Octavia Project also calls New York City home. Every year, the folks at this Brooklyn-based non-profit run a completely free month-long program called The Summer Institute, which welcomes young women and trans, gender non-conforming, or questioning youth from all over Brooklyn to come together under the banner of their namesake, legendary science fiction author Octavia Butler, to expand their world.

This year, we are proud to sponsor the full cost on one student’s attendance—$1,250—and we’re challenging our community to help us cover at least one more. This year’s conference goal is to raise a total of $2,500 to ensure two youths get to explore their love of science fiction next summer! You can help us meet that goal by donating here.

Ready to be inspired? Learn more about the Octavia Project and some of their success stories: Nia, Britney, and Aleiyah.

It ain’t just about books anymore.


For many years, novelists, memoirists, short story and non-fiction writers lived in a completely different universe from screenwriters and TV writers. Prose was the world of the literary artists, and Hollywood was where their barely literate cousins hung out making deals.

But all that is changing. There’s a creative renaissance happening in TV and film, and an insatiable hunger for exciting new material. Which more and more book writers are finding Hollywood snapping up their material for adaptation, finding themselves hired for adaptations (or trying to find out how to get hired or get their material snapped up!)

3 Tips to Pitch Your Self-Published Book to Bookstores and Libraries

While bookstores and libraries are known for being wonderful community gathering places with staff that genuinely care about the book industry, they can’t do everything they do for the love of books alone. They still need to achieve their objectives.

Anyone who says independent publishers and self-published authors can’t have the same book distribution as traditionally published books is misinformed. With IngramSpark, independently published books are distributed to over 39,000 retailers and libraries, so availability isn’t an issue. Whether those bookstores and libraries place an order to carry your book may just depend on your pitch, so here are some tips to help you pitch your self-published book to bookstores and libraries so that both you and they succeed.

3 Things Authors Should Know About Publishing

Taking the leap from writer to published author is the end goal majority of writers have for their work. We all write for different reasons, are motivated by myriad factors, experiences, characters, and pursue various genres and plotlines, but once the writing is finished, we generally all want the same thing: to share our work with others. So if you’re considering publication for your writing, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Perfect Conference Preparedness List

Half of the battle of readying for a writing conference is making sure you’re properly prepared. Of course, for the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, this means having your pitch perfected if you’re participating in Pitch Slam, keeping a copy of the schedule with your preferred sessions highlighted, and bringing necessary chargers—whether it’s for your smartphone or laptop.