August 10-12, 2018 | New York City

Danielle Burkowski

Sterling Lord Literistic

Sterling Lord Literistic

Danielle is looking for upmarket women’s fiction, smart commercial fiction, literary fiction, and select nonfiction. She wants to hear from underrepresented and marginalized voices in particular. For fiction and nonfiction, Danielle likes books about feminist issues, chronic illness/disability, work, competitive individual (non-team) sports; #ownvoices; stories with people of color as protagonists and not sidekicks; stories set in cities that are not NYC; books that borrow tropes from other genres while remaining firmly literary; campus novels; books that make her laugh.

Danielle is looking for narrative voices that are bold, fresh, and unique. She wants to be fully transported into your characters’ world and care about them deeply. Danielle loves books that make her think, that offer a new perspective, books like a strong cup of coffee after a restless night or a perfect Merlot after a stressful day.

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