August 10-12, 2018 | New York City

How Publishing Really Works: An Insider’s Guide to Improving Your Odds Before, During and After Publication

In this eye-opening presentation, Phil Sexton, publisher of Media Lab Books and former publisher of Writer’s Digest, examines what takes place behind closed doors at publishing houses, in meetings with bookstore buyers, and on the bookstore sales floor that will determine the success of failure of your book. He’ll also provide advice, tips and strategies for ensuring that your book receives the best treatment and the best opportunities for success, as well as what questions you should be asking before, during and after publication.

You’ll learn:
– What you can do to ensure your book is being presented in a way that will appeal to publishers, book buyers and consumers
– What publishers don’t want you to know about book acquisition, promotion, and sales
– What questions you need to ask of your agent and/or publisher to ensure your book gets the best treatment