How Do You Prepare to Pitch? By Preparing to Win

On the fence about pitching at this year’s Writer’s Digest Annual Conference Pitch Slam? Why not take some advice from a writer who’s been there, done that, and is now being published.

Can You Keep up with our Keynotes?

Our keynote speakers have been busy. Pretty much in the ways you’d expect—writing, instructing, landing on the New York Times bestseller list. In fact, we’re feeling pretty excited we locked them down for this summer’s Writer’s Digest Annual Conference! And if you want to make the most of your trip to New York, one of the ways you can do it is by familiarizing yourself with their work.

When is it the right time to pitch your book?

Some of the most common questions writers ask us have to do with pitching. It only makes sense. Pitching a book is a significant step both in the life of your book, and a big one in your writing career, too. With that in mind—and seats for the upcoming Writer’s Digest Annual Conference Pitch Slam selling fast—here are some quick tips (with a few suggestions at the end for further reading):

From Attendee to Published Author

Kimmery Martin knows a thing or two about multi-tasking. She’s a wife, mom, blogger, author, and—in her spare time—a doctor. OK, maybe that’s not the exact order of priority, but you get the idea. She’s a terrific example of someone who carves out time to write amid the chaos of everyday life. We hope she picked up some tips from one of her previous trips to the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference! Kimmery is an alum who we’re happy to welcome back as an attendee this year—especially since her debut novel, The Queen of Hearts, is out February 6th, 2018 from Penguin Random House. We chatted with her a bit about her journey to publication and why she’s coming back this year.