Writing a Mystery Novel: A Crash Course 

You know you’re reading a great mystery novel when you’re up at three in the morning, unable to put it down. When you finally get to sleep, the characters go romping around in your dreams. You get to the final page and smack yourself in the head because the solution is a complete surprise, and yet so obvious in retrospect. This session demystifies the art and artifice and gets down to the nuts and bolts of writing a killer mystery novel, from the author of the Edgar-nominated book on mystery writing.

Topics include:
- What makes a novel a mystery
- Finding an intriguing premise
- Creating a compelling main character with something personal at stake
- Harnessing a "bookended" 3-act structure
- Hooking readers with an opening gambit
- Subplots and how they can firm up pacing, echo and deepen themes
- Structuring scenes
- Secrets: how secrets and lies can be used to fuel a mystery
- Misdirection: Using viewpoint while playing fair with the reader
- Surprising and satisfying the reader at the end