Shut Your Monkey! How to Control Your Inner Critic and Get More Writing Done

Like 99.9% of the world, you have a pesky voice in your head that prevents you from expressing yourself creatively. It whispers in your ear and derails your career plans, sabotages your work before it's completed, makes you overreact and misbehave.

Danny Gregory will explore the impact that voice has on your work, your life and your happiness. He’ll explain its origins and discuss various strategies for keeping the inner critic at bay. And finally he'll take you through a strategy to not only quiet the voice but liberate yourself so you can do the work you were born to do, the work that will define your life and help the world.

Shut Your Monkey is an internationally best-selling book, a popular podcast, and is based on Danny’s 30 years of experience as a creative professional and the input of artists, authors, psychologists, coaches and hundreds of other people whose lives have been impacted by the voice in their heads.

This funny, wise talk will help you fight back and finally achieve your best writing ever.