The Novelist’s Platform

Platforms are more important today than ever for every writer but novelists get confused about why they should have one, much less what theirs should include. In this presentation, Jennifer S. Wilkov, sought-after book consultant at “Your Book Is Your Hook!”, will show you why you need to build a platform for yourself as a fiction writer and not just your book in order to grow more fans and followers of your novels and writing career. Build your platform as a fiction writer the right way and start using it to attract more readers, agents, publishers, publicists, press and fans to your books. Expect to learn: - The basics for building a fiction writer’s platform - How bragging is an integral part of your platform – and a good thing - Proven techniques to use to focus on yourself as not only a writer but much more - Why agents want you to have a platform as a novelist, even first-timers - The secrets to making your fiction writer’s platform effective.