August 10-12, 2018 | New York City

Silence Negative Self-Talk and Tune-Out Naysayers

All writers experience self-doubt. Whether it’s the voice inside your head or someone else’s (or both!), sometimes overcoming these obstacles is harder than the writing itself. Taught by author, editor, and gold medalist in self-doubt hurdle jumping (most days), Amy Sue Nathan, this workshop offers confidence-building tools so that you can stop worrying and keep writing. From reading negative reviews of favorite writers to prove, again, that writing is subjective, to filling your arsenal with turns of phrase and answers to questions like “Are you finished yet?,” we’ll explore how to distract the doubters and touch on the psychology of sabotage. Lastly, you’ll hear fellow writers’ dilemmas and collaborate on solutions, reminding us that while writing is solitary, we’re not in this alone.