July 22-24, 2021


3 Things Authors Should Know About Publishing

Taking the leap from writer to published author is the end goal majority of writers have for their work. We all write for different reasons, are motivated by myriad factors, experiences, characters, and pursue various genres and plotlines, but once the writing is finished, we generally all want the same thing: to share our work with others. So if you’re considering publication for your writing, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. You Have Options
Gone are the days when traditional publishing was the only way that “real” authors could publish their work. With advancements in experience, technology, industry acceptance, and reader enthusiasm, independent publishing has become an increasingly viable option. With the right printing and distribution, your book can look the same as any produced by traditional publishers with the same availability (and you can also skip the gatekeepers, maintain creative control, and collect a higher royalty rate per book sale). Keep in mind that independent publishing will require you to seek help from a professional editor, book designer, and be willing to dive into your own book marketing, but all of these are easily accessible to indie authors and well worth the return on investment when you publish professionally.

2. Never Limit Your Book’s Potential Reach
If a reader wants to read your book, your book should be available to them. It’s as simple as that. You don’t know how readers will want to consume your content, so be sure it’s offered in print and e-book formats. Why exclude those who ONLY read print books or ONLY read e-books? Your reader may shop exclusively at their local independent bookstore; they may only shop for books online; or they might even leave their book discovery to libraries. Make sure your distribution doesn’t exclude any of these outlets. You never know who will want to buy your book; it may even end up being highly popular to those in a country other than your own. Make sure when you publish your book, your potential reach isn’t limited, globally or by distribution channel, so as not to exclude any potential readers from buying your book.

3. Education is Key
The most successful authors and publishers are the ones who understand the publishing process, the publishing industry, and their audience. If any of these pieces are missing, your book can’t reach its full potential. If you’ve created a work that matters to you and you genuinely want to share it, you owe it to yourself and your book not to slack in these essential areas. Do your research to understand: what kind of editing or design your book may need, the appropriate timeline for production and promotion, what booksellers and libraries need from you and your book in order to carry it, what kind of media coverage you can get, what month is best to publish a book like yours, what books similar to yours look like, how much they sell for, and what keywords you may want to sprinkle into your book description to attract your target readers. All of these pieces are important to producing the best book you can, and the information is available to you.

All that stands between you and the publication of your book is a means to publish professionally, a way to ensure your book is shared widely, and the willingness to learn how to make your book a success (ideally, all within a reasonable price range to make sure your efforts pay off). These things seem like a much lower barrier to entry than what is offered by the traditional publishing process, considering how much time and effort you dedicate to convincing others your book is worthy before ever seeing a dime. Independent publishing isn’t for everyone, but neither is traditional publishing, so it’s always good to be aware of your options and fully explore what’s right for you and your book.

Regardless of how you decide to pursue your publication goals, may your writing accomplishments be validated and your words well-read!

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