July 22-25, 2021
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Christopher Stollar

Christopher Stollar is an award-winning author, accredited public relations professional, and former reporter with a master’s degree in journalism who works full time in marketing at a Fortune 100 company. Stollar’s debut novel, The Black Lens, won Grand Prize in the 2016 Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards. It also became a Finalist in the Indie Book Awards and a Semifinalist in the Book Pipeline Competition. His new novel, Real Girl, placed as a Top 25 Finalist in the 2020 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition and is currently being pitched to publishers by senior agent Paula Munier of Talcott Notch Literary. Learn more at https://christopherstollar.com/. You can also find Stollar on social media at https://www.facebook.com/blacklensnovel/ and https://twitter.com/ChrisStollar.

Jeff Somers Tells All, Janet Reid Revises Him: Behind the Scenes of the Author/Agent Relationship

Author Jeff Somers discusses the role of agents in an author’s life: offering sage career advice, buying him drinks, telling him how smart he is, bailing him out of jail, telling him his writing is brilliant, helping him choose projects, mailing him checks, all while tormenting him on a near-daily basis. He’ll answer questions like ‛How terrifying is it when your agent invites you for cocktails out of the blue?’ and ‛Do you ever do the math on just how little money your agent earns from your work?’ and ‛Are you trying to blink a plea for assistance using Morse Code right now but you never actually learned Morse Code so you have no idea what you’re saying?’

Meanwhile, Jeff’s agent, Janet Reid will laugh merrily as he blinks out those pleas for help. She will reveal for the first time ever what feats of strength and magic rituals Jeff had to perform to secure representation. What she does when Jeff digs in his heels about plot twists, contract language, or wearing pants to this writing conference. You’ll get insight into her perverse pleasure in tormenting Jeff about publicity, promotion, and living in New Jersey. And why the highest form of praise is being a character who gets killed not once but twice.

The Book Marketing Audit: A Plan of Your Own

Does it feel like you’ve tried everything to market your book and you’re not getting the sales you want? Have you read countless advice articles and purchased expensive courses promising the keys to help step up your game and you’re just not seeing the results? “The Book Marketing Audit” will teach you to stop copying marketing approaches that may have worked for other authors but that just aren’t right for you. The most successful marketers don’t blindly follow broad advice—they leverage their own data to solve problems from within. Kilby Blades—indie author and social media marketing columnist for the RWA Romance Writer’s Report—will help you identify your author brand’s strengths and weaknesses, choose tactics that align with your career trajectory, and teach you how to analyze, and optimize, your marketing results.

Love Crosses Genres: Why All Readers Love a Good Happily Ever After

If books are a drug, addicted readers all want the same dopamine rush: an emotionally-satisfying ending. Satisfaction, we are taught, comes from story resolutions that align to genre. Mysteries end once they identify the killer. Suspense/thrillers let the protagonist get out alive. Romance lets lovers ride off into the sunset. Yet the best—and, indeed, the most satisfying—stories rarely pick a lane. They stay true to their dominant genre, but use sub-plots that double down on the emotional stakes. Romance author Kilby Blades will explore how romantic sub-plots can be used in novels outside of the Romance genre to hook more readers and deepen their emotional investment in your books.