July 22-25, 2021
New York City


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You’ve Got a Book in You: A Stress-Free Session on Writing the Book of Your Dreams

Writers commonly think they have to suffer through much fear and doubt in order to produce anything good. Elizabeth Sims, en route to being a multi-book, prizewinning author, discovered the truth: Writing is easy and fun, provided we get out of our own way and let our natural talent and creativity take over. In this energizing session, she’ll help you find the heart of the book you want to write and convey your story zestfully and truly. You’ll learn how to work out a plan and start writing immediately. Writers with books in progress will find gold here too, because Elizabeth will provide tools every writer can use at any stage of a project. You’ll learn how to cut through angst and overcomplication with a better way to brainstorm; you’ll see how professionals power through a first draft; you’ll gain new perspectives with her Heart-Clutching Moment Plotting Method (works every time, plus it’s fun); and you’ll discover how tangents can be the keys to fresh, great material. Spare yourself untold writing hassle and join Elizabeth for this one.

Perils and Payoffs: The Risky Business of Researching for Fiction

Prizewinning author Elizabeth Sims presents an in-depth look at research techniques that make today’s fiction jump off the page. She’ll share the keys to finding out just about anything, from real people who know what they’re talking about. Also, she’ll give solid, fast hacks on how to gain first-hand experience, having tagged along to movie auditions, attended class at Harvard Law School, played music on the street for money, used a firearm, wrangled livestock, opened and walked through countless scary doors, and much more. You’ll take away the principles of authenticity, how to extrapolate from what you know already, and perhaps just as important, how to fake it—convincingly! Join Elizabeth for this invigorating session, with Q & A afterward.

How to Crowd-Fund Your Book and Connect It to a Cause

Two of the biggest challenges for new authors who want to self-publish is a lack of exposure and funds to pay for hiring professional editors. That can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the level of quality you want. If planned well, a crowdfunding campaign can provide you both the funds and built-in exposure you need to launch your career and connect it to a cause readers care about. This class is taught by an award-winning author who convinced more than 70 donors to pledge $3,694 on Kickstarter to bring his debut novel about the important social justice cause of human trafficking to life—surpassing the original goal by 48 percent. It will teach you the fundamentals of planning a crowdfunding campaign, relying on those donors as readers for reviews, and connecting your book to a cause regardless of whether you write fiction or nonfiction.

How to Build a Strategic Marketing and Public Relations Plan for Your Book

Many authors who self-publish spend more time focusing on publishing their book than they do promoting it. But if you want to sell copies to more than just family and friends, you need to build a strategic marketing and public relations plan for your book. Taught by both an award-winning author and marketer for a Fortune 100 company, this class will give you the fundamentals of earned, owned and paid marketing strategies. You will learn how to pitch your book to the news media (earned), promote it through all of your channels (owned), and pay to increase your exposure through digital media (paid).

Forget WhoDunIt. Elevate Your Mystery, Suspense or Thriller to Page-Turning Success with This Question: WhyDunIt?

Readers of mystery, suspense or thriller fiction want, and deserve, to know whodunit. But there’s a deeper question that writers need to answer too: whydunit? Why does the “bad guy” commit the murder, heist, or hostile takeover? And why does the protagonist get involved with solving the case, or resolving the central story problem? The “why” question can be applied to secondary and minor characters, and even setting. The power of “why” is that it helps writers excavate compelling, and often surprising, truths about characters, which in turn lead to heart-stopping scenes and plot twists. This session offers specific tips and techniques for deeply exploring the “why” of your mystery, suspense, or thriller to create a richer, more layered story, greater edge-of-the-seat suspense, and a much more satisfying answer to the question… whodunit.