July 22-24, 2021


Creative Cartography: Drawing the Map to a Successful Writing Business

This session will provide a high-level framework to help writers understand what it means to treat writing like a business. It is intended for those pursuing self-publishing, but will be worthwhile for any writer who is not naturally inclined to think about business strategy.

We’ll focus on the big-picture steps that are often bypassed in favor of writing and the tactical aspects of selling. Attendees will learn about the following phases in preparing to treat writing as a business:

  1. Exploration: Figuring out the why, what, and how
  2. Strategy: Mapping the path to success
  3. Creation: Methods to support the writing process as the act of developing a product
  4. Marketing: Laying the groundwork to market a book before, at, and after launch
  5.  Production: Considerations for producing the finished book

No business background necessary! Exercises accompany each phase to help attendees apply the concepts.