July 28-31, 2022

New York City


Elevate Your Fiction—In Any Genre

Readers of mystery, suspense or thriller fiction want, and deserve, to know whodunit. But there’s a deeper question that writers need to answer too: whydunit? Why does the “bad guy” commit the murder, heist, or hostile takeover? And why does the protagonist get involved with solving the case, or resolving the central story problem? The “why” question can be applied to secondary and minor characters, and even setting. The power of “why” is that it helps writers excavate compelling, and often surprising, truths about characters, which in turn lead to heart-stopping scenes and plot twists. This session offers specific tips and techniques for deeply exploring the “why” of your mystery, suspense, or thriller to create a richer, more layered story, greater edge-of-the-seat suspense, and a much more satisfying answer to the question… whodunit.

All Levels