August 13-16, 2020
New York City

How to Sell to Libraries

Learn how libraries buy and how to get your book on their shelves.

US libraries spend billions of dollars on books every single year. Is your book one of them? Not sure how to make money with libraries? Want to learn how just a few minutes a day could turn into a thousands of dollars? In this course, you’ll discover the immense potential of getting your book stocked in a single branch, a multi-venue library system, or even nation-wide library distribution. Libraries do buy books like yours and this session will teach you how authors and small presses can effectively pitch to librarians.

Get the full details on how books get into libraries, how to approach librarians, and what materials you need to convince a library to stock your book.

We will cover:

  • Why libraries should be one of your top priorities
  • What librarians look for when buying books
  • Why and how to get your titles listed with wholesalers
  • How to sell librarians on both you and your book
  • What to do once the library says ‘yes’

Comments about Amy’s Library Presentations:

“I am so grateful we found Amy Collins! We love seeing our books in libraries, and Amy’s comprehensive, user-friendly learning modules on everything from Library of Congress numbers to finding wholesalers helped us get our books library-shelf-ready … setting us on a more successful indie publishing path.”

“Results are building fast from your class about librarians. I have checked on, and I find that my book is now in many libraries across the United States—just what I have been hoping for, to get my message out to new readers! My book is even in two libraries in Europe, one in England and one in Holland.”