July 22-24, 2021


How to Write a Killer Logline and Synopsis

You may have a great script, but unless you also have an exciting logline and synopsis, no one will want to read it—it’s your ‘sales tool’ to generate interest from producers, studio executives, and agents. Yet many writers, even those who can artfully craft a screenplay, don’t know the proper format and elements of these important pieces of writing. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to write a compelling logline and how to expand that logline into half page and full page synopses. The session includes exercises to help you identify the seven key elements of an intriguing logline, along with actual loglines and synopses from two of Christine’s made-for-TV movies which aired on Lifetime and Hallmark. She’ll also discuss the difference between synopses and treatments, when you should reveal the ending or leave the reader hanging, and how to choose the right level of detail for synopses of various lengths.