July 28-31, 2022

New York City


It ain’t just about books anymore.


For many years, novelists, memoirists, short story and non-fiction writers lived in a completely different universe from screenwriters and TV writers. Prose was the world of the literary artists, and Hollywood was where their barely literate cousins hung out making deals.

But all that is changing. There’s a creative renaissance happening in TV and film, and an insatiable hunger for exciting new material. Which more and more book writers are finding Hollywood snapping up their material for adaptation, finding themselves hired for adaptations (or trying to find out how to get hired or get their material snapped up!)

It’s a time of tremendous opportunity, but also of tremendous change, because with publishers thinking about film and TV adaptations before they even read your submission, it’s not enough to think like a book writer anymore. You’ve got to think as a Screenwriter and TV Writer as well.

And that’s what my Screenwriting for Newbies and Novelists workshop is all about.

Whether you’re looking for a publisher, a movie deal, to adapt your own book, to start a new project for the big or little screen— or simply to become better at structure, character, theme, this course will help you both as a book writer and a screenwriter to build upon your strengths in prose and shape your work into a new form.

Rather than looking at Hollywood as a place where you have to sell out, I’m going to teach you how to sell in and catch the wave of great storytelling that’s happening on the big and little screen today, by developing both your art and your craft as a writer.

You’ll learn 7 Act Structure, an organic approach that can be applied to both screenwriting and book writing, to transcend the tired old formulas and grow your story intuitively from initial idea, to character, to scene, to the story you have always wanted to write.

Discover tricks for getting started, what to do when you get stuck, how to avoid common pitfalls for new screenwriters, and a groundbreaking approach to screenplay formatting that help you stay connected to your instincts even as you explore a new form.

Plus, learn how to understand and navigate the needs of producers, agents, managers and stars, without losing your voice as a writer.  

So come join me in a few days for this day-long workshop, and learn a whole new approach to writing that will forever change not only the way you look at screenwriting, but also the way you look at your novels, memoirs, short stories and non fiction!


About Jacob Krueger 

The founder of Jacob Krueger Studio in NYC, Jacob has worked with thousands of writers, from Academy and Tony Award Winners, to young writers picking up the pen for the first time. His writing includes The Matthew Shepard Story, for which he won the Writers Guild of America Paul Selvin Award and was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Screenplay. To follow Jacob’s screenwriting podcast or to study with him in NYC or Online, please visit WriteYourScreenplay.com.