August 13-16, 2020
New York City

Katrin Schumann

Katrin Schumann is the author of the Washington Post and Amazon Charts Bestseller The Forgotten Hours (2/1/19), and This Terrible Beauty (3/1/20), which explores the collision of art, love and politics in 1950s East Germany. She has also co-authored five nonfiction books, published by the Big Five and independently, and has coached hundreds of writers. Her monthly writing blog has been running for seven years.

Currently, Katrin teaches fiction and nonfiction at GrubStreet (and speaks annually in their conference), and is the program coordinator for the Key West Literary Seminar, where she runs their scholarship programs and workshops. Previously, she helped design and run Grub’s innovative program “The Launch Lab:” the first of its kind, it taught debut authors how to be effective marketers and advocates of their work. She was also an instructor in PEN’s Prison Writing program.

Her work has been featured on TODAY, Talk of the Nation, and in The London Times, among others, and she has been granted numerous fiction residencies. Before going freelance, Katrin worked part-time at NPR where she won the Kogan Media Award. She received scholarships to study languages at Oxford (BA/MA) and journalism at Stanford (MA). Born in Germany, Katrin lives in Boston and Key West.

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