August 13-16, 2020
New York City

Marketing Collectives for Mutual Success

Not only do marketing collectives amplify your own marketing efforts, but they also provide a supportive community that lets you tap into your members’ diverse expertise, experience, and relationships. Often competition and fear drive authors but it’s time for a better model of collaboration and generosity.

The award-winning author marketing collective, the Tall Poppy Writers (TPW) are a group of 45 traditionally-published female authors representing a wide range of genres. Formed in 2013, TPW now has a combined members social media reach of approximately 660,000 and their posts frequently go viral. They have a unique relationship with Frances Ford Coppola’s Winery, Book Trip, Book Scents, Bedside Reading, Jungle Red Writers, and Career Authors to name a few, and a philanthropy arm that donates to Room To Read. In this session, the founder of the Tall Poppy Writers will provide the basics of how to build a robust and functioning author collaborative.

Learn what works and what doesn’t, what an author-directed group addresses that a publishing house can’t, what agents and editors think of author marketing collaboratives and what results TPW is seeing on sales, attendance at live events, social media engagement, and charitable fundraising.