July 22-24, 2021


Memoir or Fiction: How To Choose the Best Way to Tell Your Own Story

Authors often struggle with the most effective, and the most honest, way to tell their own stories. While penning a memoir may appeal for its apparent adherence to truth, there are considerations that might suggest fiction as the preferable form for one’s own story, particularly a sensitive or controversial one. In this session we’ll address questions like: What is memory, and should you trust yours? Who’s getting hurt, and who’s getting healed in a memoir? What will you gain in moving from memoir to fiction – or lose? What are the legal, ethical and emotional considerations of candor in memoir? Along with thoughtful in-class discussion, attendees will receive insightful lists of questions and guidelines for choosing which form to pursue, and what to expect and how to prepare for reader reactions once their work has been published, particularly a tell-all memoir.