July 28-31, 2022

New York City


Mistakes, I’ve Made (More Than) a Few: Learning to Take Failure in Stride as an Author

It’s easy to think that forging a career as a writer is a delicate business, and one misstep can ruin you—but you can recover from even the worst mistakes. Jeff Somers, author of nine novels and Writing Without Rules speaks from deep, humiliating experience about being kind of dumb when it comes to his career. He’ll talk about failed projects, ruined deals, novels that sold like lead balloons, and contracts he shouldn’t have signed—and yet he’s still standing. From the time he drunkenly pitched a novel to a very unamused editor to the two times he tried—and failed—to write a thriller, Somers will point out all the times he thought he’d destroyed his own career, and how he managed to pull himself back up and keep publishing.