August 13-16, 2020
New York City

One Small Thing a Day: Marketing Made Easy

Most authors fail to promote and market their books and themselves because the task is to overwhelming. There are too many moving parts and it is too hard to figure out. But this session will give authors a daily habit that will allow them to develop and maintain a sales and marketing platform that any author would envy. It is possible for any author to learn how to do one small thing a day and change their career forever.

Attendees at this session will learn:

  • How to get more online reviews in 3 short steps
  • How to connect with readers and grow a fan base in 10 minutes a day
  • How to hate social media and yet still make it work for you quickly and easily
  • How to get interviewed and attention from the press

This is not a smarmy, “push and promote yourself” session. This is a thoughtful set of daily activities that can be done quickly each day and will bear fruit in more readers, more attention, more success.