July 22-25, 2021
New York City


Experience the virtual Pitch Slam—a rare opportunity to pitch your book directly to professional agents and editors actively looking for new voices (check out our agent list, we’re adding new names every day)! Advocate for your book in a high-energy environment, and you might just become another Pitch Slam success story.

“The highlight for me was the Pitch Slam, where I had the chance to pitch my book to seven amazing agents. I had requests for a partial or full manuscript from all seven agents, which felt like a great success. Then came a Christmas surprise: an offer of representation from Stacy Testa of Writer’s House on December 25th! It was a great way to end the year, and she has been wonderful to work with at every step of the publishing process.”

– SANDI WARD | WDC15 attendee & author of The Astonishing Thing (Kensington, 2017), Something Worth Saving (Kensington, 2018), What Holds Us Together (Kensington, 2020)

How it Works

We put together a diverse roster of best-in-class agents and editors who are looking for new authors of fiction and nonfiction, and are ready to hear your pitch and offer feedback. Now that the pitch slam will be virtual we can have agents from around the country participate, not just those in the NYC area!

Attendees will pre-record their pitch in video format.  Writer’s Digest will provide further instructions for the due date, what to include, length, etc.  We will provide written instructions as well samples of recorded pitches. The due date will be in early October but will be confirmed as the date approaches. 

***Please note the image above is a sample of what each attendee profile could look like

Attendees will be asked to identify the genre as well as the top three agents they’d like to see their pitch. Pitches will be categorized and matched with agents looking for that genre.  Attendees will be assigned a time to be available for feedback through their profile chat with agents. Assignments will be based on genre so there aren’t too many of one genre in each time slot. Agents will be required to view and provide feedback to a certain amount of pitches. There will be a minimum, but they can certainly view additional profiles during the time slot or after. The feedback will be given within the chat function and will work like a Google Hangouts, Slack, or Microsoft Teams chat. Agents will be able to reach out to attendees with their contact information and further instructions to send pages, etc. Pitches will only be viewable by agents. 

What You Get

  • Pitch Perfect session conducted as a recorded webinar with a Q&A plus sample pitches and written instructions to follow 
  • Immediate feedback on the merits of your pitch directly from agents and editors working in that genre or category 
  • Actionable advice on improving your pitch and/or ways to improve your storyline or nonfiction premise 
  • Inclusion of your query letter in the WD Annual Conference Query Letter Directory, supplied to all attending agents and editors after the conference post-conference 
  • An opportunity to submit your work for consideration, land representation, or perhaps even get a deal—it can happen! 

Keys to Pitch Slam Success

  • Do your research. There will be as many as 50 agents and editors on hand, and some will be a better fit for your pitch than others. Be sure to review the list of attending agents, check out their websites and client list, and target those who match your genre or interest.
  • Practice makes perfect. This is your chance to sell your book, so write it out, practice it and perfect your pitch. Use a stopwatch so you can keep time and their attention! Connect with fellow attendees and practice your pitch on each other.
  • Get expert advice. To help you prepare, be sure to attend the Pitch Perfect session on Friday. You’ll learn how to hone your pitch and get more comfortable with presenting it. You’ll also gain the confidence you need to make a great impression.

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