July 28-31, 2022

New York City


Secrets of the Algorithm – How Traditionally Published Authors and Indies are Working with Amazon’s Algorithm To Find More Readers

If you have a book or books on Amazon, either from a traditional publisher or indie published, this session will help you. Advertising is just one option for authors who want to ensure their books come up at the top of the search when a reader looks for something similar to buy. If you want to improve the chances of your book being seen on Amazon, this session will help you understand and take advantage of the core elements of Amazon’s algorithm, to ensure your book or books get seen by more readers.

In this session we’ll break apart the key elements of the Amazon A9 search algorithm and show you how you can position any book so that the algorithm selects it more often, when readers search. You’ll discover the easy-to-implement tactics you can use to reach more readers fast, and get the A9 algorithm working for you, not against you.


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