• AUGUST 17-20, 2023


Don't Go Broke Writing Books: Budgeting Basics for Emerging Authors

It can be hard to tell when a little self-investment can have a big impact on your writing or just be a drain on your wallet. If you are considering spending your own money to advance your writing career, this workshop will help you make smart choices with candid advice from mid-career authors who have been there and learned the hard way.

We’ll talk about the real cash costs of everything from contests to covers, the true value of editing and events, and how we each prioritize and manage our personal outlay of funds.

This session will reinforce critical principles of publishing (money flows to the author) and offer questions and exercises to help authors understand where, when, and how to plan wise investments in their writing and publishing career both for indie and traditional publishing paths.

Difficulty level: all_levels


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