• JULY 28-31, 2022


Find Your Creative FLOW

People talk about getting in the zone and finding their flow, but how do we reach that elusive flow state in the first place? In this presentation, Gabriela will demystify the creative process and walk you through four elements for finding your creative FLOW. Drawing from principles in psychology and other fields, this session will introduce you to the FLOW framework and give you four techniques you can implement right away.

In this hands-on, interactive session you will:

• Explore a new approach to pros and cons, so you can make empowered choices both in your writing and career.

• Discover the power of deliberate practice, and learn how to apply it to your writing process so you can grow your skills.

• Identify key elements for your personalized creative survival kit, so you will never again be stuck staring at a blank screen. • Understand a subtle semantic shift in how you communicate boundaries, so you can talk more effectively about your writing process.

You will leave this session energized and excited to get back to writing, and you’ll be equipped with actionable and practical tools to help you find your creative FLOW.

Difficulty level: all_levels


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