• AUGUST 17-20, 2023


Pitching for Promotion: Getting the Gig with Podcasters, Bloggers, and Other Promoters

Much is made of the need for writers to know how to pitch to agents and editors, but the need to pitch you and your work doesn’t stop there. Getting the gig with podcasters, bloggers, and others who can promote your work is vital to connecting with the audience who will love your work. And if you take the right approach, the relationships you build with these promoters can pay dividends for both parties long after the podcaster airs your episode or the blogger posts the review of your book.

In this session, Matty Dalrymple, host of The Indy Author Podcast, will review the eight stages of finding and optimizing these opportunities:

• Considering your approach: Pitch Yourself or Hire a Pro?

• Doing Your Prep

• Laying the Groundwork

• Making It Personal

• Making It Easy

• Being Professional

• Promoting and Repurposing

• Deepening the Connection

This session is for any author looking to partner with promoters to help spread the word about their work.

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