• OCTOBER 17-20, 2024


Publishing Tips for the Frugal Author: Getting the Most for Your Editing and Cover Design Dollars

Authors owe our readers professional-grade work, and we owe it to ourselves to deliver it as cost-effectively as possible. The two most important hallmarks of professional work—a cleanly edited manuscript and a brand-right, attention-getting cover—are also two of the most expensive components of book creation. In this session, author and publisher Matty Dalrymple will share her frugal tips for achieving a high standard of publishing excellence while also holding down costs.

• Editing – How authors can find and correct “housekeeping issues” like spelling, grammar, continuity, and consistency so that professional editors can focus on more substantive issues.

• Cover design – How authors, as professional wordsmiths, can partner with visual design pros to achieve greatest cost-efficiency, the flexibility to pivot as cover and genre conventions evolve, and options for creating brand-right marketing and promotional materials.

Matty will illustrate the concepts with examples from her own works, including the Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels and Suspense Shorts and her nonfiction books for authors.

This session is for ...

The Editing portion of the session will bring value to any author seeking to work more productively with their editor.

The Design portion will bring value to independent authors who are managing their cover design, as well as to any author, indie or traditionally published, who wishes to create brand-right images to support their marketing and promotion work.

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