• AUGUST 17-20, 2023


The Business of Creative Writing: From Branding to IP to Work-for-Hire Gigs to Taxes, Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask

It’s hard to believe, but Ryan G. Van Cleave earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in Creative Writing without ever having a single conversation with professors about copyright, submitting work for publication, networking, invoices, taxes, or any of the confusing business practices that writers regularly need to navigate. It took decades, but Ryan overcame these deficiencies by earning a second Ph.D. in the School of Hard Knocks en route to creating a robust writing, editing, teaching, speaking, and coaching career. 

In this full-day workshop, Dr. Ryan G. Van Cleave—a consultant who now charges $200+/hour to work with celebrity and executive writing clients—will reveal the things no one bothers to teach writers but are desperately needed for anyone whose goal is success in the world of words. To put it plainly, this hands-on, practical, interactive workshop will help participants unlock the best practices for the business side of writing without doing what Ryan had to do—suffer through the incredibly costly and always-frustrating method of trial and error.

**Participants will walk away with templates, tools, and plans that can be immediately applied to their own practice.**

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