• OCTOBER 17-20, 2024


Marketing Your Book to Success: Before, During & After Publication

Authors know that marketing their books is 100% their responsibility but most don’t have the skillset or knowledge to create a winning marketing plan for their project. The truth is: everybody would like to have a plan that works, but getting 
it written, done, and executed properly out in the marketplace to attract attention and grow your sales can seem like it will take years. It’s time to build a plan to successfully market your book that can save you time, energy, and money and can ensure you get results during the most pivotal times. In this presentation, Jennifer S. Wilkov, the founder of Your Book Is Your Hook, LLC, will show you how to master the art of determining what belongs in your marketing platform –
and what doesn’t – before, during, and after your book has been published.

Expect to learn:
• Set goals for your marketing by taking the time to plan your efforts before you start executing them
• How to use digital marketing to leverage the internet, build awareness online, and generate more sales before, during, and after your book is published
• Proven techniques for offline strategies to get your message out
• Measure, correct and keep your marketing momentum going, no matter what
• Key reasons why you must measure and track your performance 
• Fool-proof ways to master your book marketing efforts to take control of your project’s success

Difficulty level: all_levels


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