• OCTOBER 17-20, 2024


The Nitty Gritty of Giving a Book Talk

Your book is written and published. Now it turns out, it's up to you to launch it. In this workshop we'll talk about how to target your efforts, beginning with laying the groundwork in social media. How to get invited to talk about your book, and give the kind of talk that hooks your audience by acing the soft sell, and more.

Topics include:

• Laying the groundwork - Creating a social media presence

• Targeting your audience - Thinking about your nonfiction hook

• Putting together your own PR kit

• Pitching to libraries and other venues - Making the most of local interest

• Promoting events - Targeting local media with press releases

• Selling books (thinking about pricing and that old soft sell)

• Signing

• Take-aways for your audience

• Building an audience for future books: seeding your mailing list

• Your PR kit

• Takeaways - Bookmarks and the like

Difficulty level:


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