July 22-24, 2021


Seven Key Questions You Need to Answer to Successfully Publish Your Nonfiction Book

If you’re writing narrative nonfiction, self-help, or memoir, do you really have to be Michelle Obama or David McCullough to beat the odds and be published? No—truth is, agents and editors are eager for great nonfiction stories because they sell.

In this session, we’ll address seven key questions that will improve your likelihood of finding success. In so doing, you’ll begin to understand who your readers are and how to reach them. We’ll explore why it’s important to have one main conflict or theme, and what that means in terms of developing an entire book. And by asking “So what?,” you’ll discover what tricks to employ to make your story more compelling and relevant.

You’ll come away with new ideas for your work and an understanding of how to develop and pitch your book idea. There will be time for some on-the-spot exercises that will help you avoid common pitfalls, and a Q & A.

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