• OCTOBER 17-20, 2024



Jessica Berg is a literary agent and the founder of Rosecliff Literary, a boutique agency dedicated to discovering and nurturing exceptional talent. With a Master's in Fiction from Spalding University, Jessica brings over a decade of developmental editing experience to her work, offering a nuanced understanding of storytelling. Her career is marked by a passion for helping authors refine their narratives and find their unique place in the literary market.

At Rosecliff Literary, Jessica's approach to agenting is collaborative and comprehensive. She focuses on key elements such as structure, character development, pacing, and thematic depth to ensure each manuscript reaches its full potential. Her detailed feedback and strategic insights help authors craft compelling, coherent, and emotionally resonant stories. Jessica's commitment to excellence has made her a trusted partner for writers seeking to elevate their work and achieve publishing success.

In addition to her role as an agent, Jessica is a dedicated educator. She regularly conducts master classes and workshops, offering personalized coaching sessions to empower writers with the skills they need to succeed. Her teaching philosophy emphasizes a supportive and inspiring environment where writers can explore the fundamentals of narrative structure, character arcs, and thematic exploration.

Jessica's extensive experience includes roles with literary magazines such as Second Draft, Fractured Lit, and Uncharted Magazine, where she has honed her ability to enhance narrative appeal and connect authors with their audiences. Her involvement in the literary community extends to speaking engagements at writer's conferences, where her insights on the agenting process and the importance of narrative craft are highly valued. 

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