• AUGUST 17-20, 2023



Leticia Gomez is the Editorial Director for Dafina Books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp., which focuses on high-quality fiction and non-fiction that centers on race, identity, and its impact on our experiences. Dafina’s carefully curated list is a home for dynamic stories that innovate and amplify voices too long ignored through books that entertain, challenge, and inspire. Launched in 2000 as the first African American imprint, Dafina has led the market for more than twenty years in highlighting voices of color.

Prior to joining the Kensington family, Leticia was a prominent literary/film/television agent who specialized in bringing culturally diverse voices to the forefront. She has helped her clients secure deals with the largest publishers in the world and has seen several of her projects successfully optioned for TV and film rights. As a literary agent, she placed more than 200 books with independent and mainstream traditional publishers. Leticia is actively seeking to acquire multicultural fiction and nonfiction in all genres. She is interested in Upmarket Women’s Contemporary Fiction, Family Dramas, Historical, Mysteries, Romance, Suspense Thrillers, Street/Urban lit. She’s also actively on the prowl for nonfiction with a focus on authors of color (BIPOC) as well as specific projects for marginalized communities. The genres she’s most interested in the nonfiction arena are: prescriptive Self-Help, historical or contemporary Narrative Nonfiction, Memoir, True Crime, and Political/Current Affairs. Leticia can be contacted at LGomez@Kensingtonbooks.com 

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