July 22-24, 2021


Write What You Love & Build THAT Platform

People of all walks of life have a burning desire to write and become a published author; however, they get confused about what is the best way to share their stories and succeed with their books. Platforms are more important today than ever for every writer but writing for the trends doesn’t work, much less figuring out how to build a platform for your personal story, fiction tale or children’s allegory as well as what the heck it should include. In this presentation, Jennifer S. Wilkov, sought-after book consultant at “Your Book Is Your Hook!”, will show you why it’s imperative for you to focus on and write what you love so you can build an effective platform for it in order to build the dream writing career you crave. Write the right stuff in the right places at the right time and start using it to attract more readers, agents, publishers, publicists, press and fans to your projects and platform.

Expect to learn:

  • The basics for picking a topic/category to write about
  • How integrate what you love and passions in your life into your platform
  • Proven techniques to use to focus on yourself as not only a writer but so much more
  • Why agents want you to have a platform and why it’s easier to attract one when your platform is already built
  • The secrets to making your writing and your platform most effective